• IWO SmartWatch.com is a professional iwowatch manufacturer, mainly providing first-hand supply for B2C, B2B sellers and whole-salers. We can provide IWO Smartwatches of different departments to meet their different budgets to obtain the latest smartwatches to detect their health data.

  • Battery capacity       

    You would prefer not to be running out of battery before the day's end so this is a gigantic thought. Loads of smartwatches really have a little battery limit so in the event that you will be tuning in to music and following your wellness you should ensure that you have a fair size battery


    Presently, this is frequently all that really matters – how well does it look on your wrist. A smartwatch may have all the coolest highlights yet on the off chance that it would seem that something you would prefer to keep covered up, at that point it just won't do

    Syncing with your phone

    Make sure that the smartwatch you want is compatible with your phone as some smartwatches are either for iPhones or Android phones which is annoying if you want to get a new phone in 6 months’ time. There are however lots of smartwatches that sync with both types of the smartphone so these are a better idea.

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